Salt And Steel – Saturday 14th December

Salt & Steel is back in Port Macquarie for a free show!

Peter L Barry is playing 4pm – 7pm.
Salt & Steel will hit the stage 7.30pm-9pm

Let’s Rock!

Salt and Steel are two powerhouse rockers who bring fire to the stage with their deep rooted, driving music. Their trademark sound is a fusion of heavy rock and esoteric grunge, driven by guitar riffage, intoxicating vocals and solid rhythms.
Salt and Steel carve out a space of power in their live shows where they share a clear message of choosing to live your best life possible and chasing your dreams.

“We really like to let loose at our shows and we want our audience to feel like they can do the same. Our music is all about breaking down the barriers that are holding you back from living the life you desire. We want our listeners to be able to fully express who they are, so we challenge ourselves to do the same.” – Briony

They formed on the road, travelling overseas, when the two desperately decided to give busking a go when their car had broken down. For Elle, drumming was a dream she thought never possible. But catching the fever, hand drums soon became not enough so she worked hard and soon replaced it with a kit.

“since I can remember I’ve always wanted to play drums and then finally the drums came to me.” – Elle

Evolving from the acoustic duo, that was their foundation, to the powerful rock combo that they are today. Salt and Steel are blazing forward backed by a history of competition wins, National and International Radio play (Triple J, ABC radio and many more) and positive coverage across blogs such as AAA Backstage, Scenstr and many more. With two singles already released in 2019, Salt & Steel will be heading off for another nation wide tour this December.

Salt & Steel are currently working on their debut album, expected to be released 2020.
“Music is all we ever want to be doing. It’s our passion, our love and our life” – Briony

Salt And Steel – Saturday 14th December

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