Black Duck Beers:

Summer Swallow – Mid Strength Pale Ale

A deliberately light body and malt profile, with an interesting hop profile. There is a hint of melon aroma and a tart finish. The Summer Swallow is a good refreshing beer, which accompanies the aroma of freshly cut grass.

3.5% avb. 22 IBU. 6 EBC. Malt 3. Hops 5.

Sylva Bullet – Aussie Lager

A light, refreshing, not too bitter lager. This beer is the icon thirst quencher we’ve come to know and love in this great southern land. Enjoy the Sylva Bullet cold, to sort out a thirst that will not give up. Perfect to reload the esky for a day shooting the breeze.

4.5% abv. 23 IBU. 10 EBC. Malt 5. Hops 6.

East Coast – Pale Ale

The east coast of Australia is the most beautiful place on earth, and the Pale Ale is inspired by the idea of relaxing, beer in hand, admiring the view. A light body and bitterness, and a mild floral aroma enhance the drinkability and thirst quenching properties of this beer. Grab an East Coast Pale Ale and start soaking up Summer!

4.8% abv. 21 IBU. 10 EBC. Malt 6. Hops 5.

Golden Goose – Aussie Golden Ale

The Golden Goose Aussie Golden Ale has been created as a vessel for hops. We use all Australian ingredients in the Golden Ale and enjoy trying different hop combinations as we work our way through an ever increasing range. Despite the use of different hops, this Golden Ale will always offer a rich fruity and floral aroma, a moderately light body, and a healthy bitterness to cleanse the palate. A great match for flavoursome, spicy food and pizza. Enjoy it from your favourite glass for the best experience.

4.3% abv. 25 IBU. 9 EBC. Malt 5. Hops 7.

Mother Duck – American Pale Ale

What started out as a collaboration, has now begun its own journey. The Mother Duck is an American Pale Ale with four hope varieties and three malt profiles, that is sure to tantalise the senses. A fruity, floral bouquet, with pine undertones and a richness in body, balance this beer nicely.

5.5% abv. 29 IBU. 12 EBC. Malt 7. Hops 8.

Heron’s Craic – Irish Red Ale

Made for the wandering Paddy yearning for home. We have used water as pure as the driven snow, and the subtle aroma of noble Fuggle hops to set the scene of rolling fields of green, and fences made of stone. There is a caramel, sweet undertone, and a hint of dark roast that give this beer a delicious flavour profile. Enjoy with a hearty stew, or a mountain of Colcannon.

4.3% abv. 19 IBU. 29 EBC. Malt 7. Hops 4.

Indian Runner – India Pale Ale

India Pale Ales are traditionally high in alcohol and bitterness to withstand long sea voyages. We compliment these properties with a creative amount of hops for aroma and flavour, resulting in a complex, interesting beer. The bitterness is a dominating character, but coupled with a rich body, our Runner is a great match for a platter of good quality cheeses, bread, and cured meats.

6% abv. 52 IBU. 25 EBC. Malt 8. Hops 9.

Black Bird – Traditional Dark Ale

This Dark Ale is based on an English beer style. We have used some traditional hop varieties, and kept the body a little bit lighter, to make drinking this beer a satisfying experience. We have created a beer that offers all the rich chocolate, and coffee flavours and aromas you should expect from a Dark Ale. As with all good beer, drinking from your favourite glass will make it much more enjoyable.

4.3% abv. 29 IBU. 48 EBC. Malt 8. Hops 3.

Phoenix – Migration Stout

There is a whole lot of darkness in this dangerously drinkable Stout. We have used three different dark roast malts, that give a complexity of sweetness, coffee, burnt toast, alcohol warms, and a hint of aniseed from the aptly named Phoenix hops. A big Stout, that will keep you interested well into the next glass.

7.5% abv. 50 IBU. 76 EBC. Malt 9. Hops 5.

Additional Black Duck Beverages:

Gingerhol – Alcoholic Ginger Beer

A twist on an old favourite! Made with real Australian Ginger, and brewed in house. This Ginger Beer is jam packed with flavour, and a hint of spice. Perfectly refreshing in summer, yet surprisingly warming for Winter – this beverage is designed to be enjoyed all year ’round.

5% abv.

Ducks Fizz – Adult Soda

What started as a traditional cola recipe, this Adult soft drink has become a real crowd pleaser, that is dangerously easy to drink. With hints of vanilla and citrus, this unique beverage will have you coming back for more. A refreshing change for the non-beer drinker, that is perfect served over ice, with a wedge of lime on a hot day.

4.8% abv.


The enGINeer – $50

Engineer turned brewer, and now distiller has crafted this GIN from a malted barley base and infused with a delicious mix of local and international botanicals. A refreshing citrus gin with distinguished botanical notes – perfect over ice or served with Indian tonic and a wedge of lime.

40% abv.

Vodka – $50

This clean spirit has been crafted from a malted barley grain base, and has been brewed, fermented and distilled here at Black Duck Brewery since 2016.

40% abv.

Single Barrel Whiskey – $70

This subtle Whiskey has been crafted from a selection of carefully smoked malts. These malts were fermented and cleanly distilled to deliver a very good quality spirit whilst retaining some delicate smoke flavours. This whiskey has been matured in an American oak Bourbon barrel since July 2016. It has been released in small batches to continue the maturation which has resulted in a wonderful hue, along with beautiful vanilla and oak flavours. This is a Whiskey to savour, small batch Whiskeys give you a great opportunity to explore the vast array of flavours and aromas that craft distilling can create.

40% abv.

Various Liqueurs – $30

Enjoy a fun afternoon of tasting the flavours of our region. These small batch liqueurs have been hand crafted using fresh hand picked local ingredients, steeped in spirit and sweetened with Australian raw sugar to give you a perfectly enjoyable beverage to serve on ice or icecream. Flavours may vary on fruit availability; Tangellocello, Feijoa Liqueur, Blueberry Liqueur, Strawberry Liqueur, and more to come.

30% abv.