Beer is on, come and visit the brewery at 6b Acacia Avenue Port Macquarie!

Based in Port Macquarie, the Black Duck Brewery offers a friendly, relaxed venue to try the range of locally brewed beers while you catch up with friends and family or just enjoy your break. Or just to say hello to Rescue dog Minnie! ***Please note that we are currently not a dog friendly venue due to Minnie’s high energy and extra large size. However, if you do have a very chilled friendly dog and are a responsible pet owner we would love for you to give us a call – if it is a quiet enough day we would love to trial your friendly dog with our big playful girl in a controlled setting *** 

With eight of the range beers on tap, local food platters, local produce, and much more to come, the Black Duck Brewery is a must visit destination on the Mid North Coast.

Ploughman’s platters are available during the week, as is bread oil and duck-a, or if you just need a light snack there are chips and Jerky.

Wednesday to Thursday you can enjoy our range of beers and other local products along with a grazing platter if you’re hungry. They will feed 2 and are only $30. They’re available from 12 til 5.

Friday and Saturday you can enjoy a delicious bbq lunch, which could include brisket nachos, pork tacos, burgers and chips.

Friday Nights We’re Mixing it Up

  • First Friday is PIZZA NIGHT and the livest music around.
  • Second Friday is TEX MEX to DJ ‘Dward
  • Third Friday is MOVIE NIGHT and burgers
  • Fourth Friday enjoy fush n chups to Split Enz and Crowded House mashups, maybe even some Flight of the Conchords.

If there’s a fifth Friday it’s fifth Friday free for all!

Check out what’s on to see what’s coming up, or better yet follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the latest updates!

Step through the process of creating Black Duck Beer

Grain is batched as per the brew sheet and transported to the shipping container to the rear of the site. Milling is conducted in this container. Grain mill is a two roller mill powered with 240 volt.

Crushed grain is transported back into the brewery and introduced to the mash tun.

Cracked grain is manually mixed with hot water. Current process involves tipping bagged grain into the mash tun and manually incorporated into the mix. The mash will settle at around 65 degrees and sit for an hour.

The mash is drained through the underback and pumped into the top of the kettle. The grains are rinsed with further hot water during the sparge.

Once the wort is transferred to the kettle, it is boiled for an hour. This sterilises the wort, clarifies the wort and utilises hop additions for bitterness and flavour/ aroma. At the start of the boil bittering hops are added, later additions are as per the brew sheet. Hops are added directly to the kettle.

At completion of the boil, the wort is pumped through the heat exchanger to reduce the temperature to pitching temp. The heat retrieved by cooling the wort is sent to the HLT to save energy for the next batch.

During transfer to the fermenter, the wort is oxygenated and yeast is pitched. Gravity is checked and the beer temp regulated to ferment at 18-20 degrees. This process takes two weeks.

​Once fermentation is complete, the beer is transferred to the conditioning tanks. It’s here the beer is made cold a fizzy. Just the way you like it.

Once the beer has achieved carbonation in the tank, it is chilled and then transferred to kegs and or bottles.

The cellar door has eight tap beers and offers sales of packed beer, merchandise and local produce. We also have a number of venues that serve our beer either via draught or bottled.